We make space for Aunts.

We’re about joy, resilience, and intersectional kinship.

We affirm and celebrate diverse aunt traditions and culture through creative storytelling, events, and an annual holiday – Real Aunties Day, March 8, International Women’s Day, a global day to recognize women’s labor. Although we believe every day is Aunties Day, we chose March to celebrate with Women’s History Month!

Aunts are the secret sauce in many communities. We muse on all aunt things, especially those that matter to women of color and allies. Why? Because aunts are doers, givers, and shakers in the world who rarely ask for anything in return and are under-appreciated.

A real holiday for real aunties!

#RealAuntiesDay, March 8, honors strong bonds, community and environmental caregiving, and creativity. This holiday elevates the all-important work that aunts do. The keyword here is ‘work.’ We celebrate Real Aunties Day on March 8 because it is International Women’s Day, a global holiday to recognize women’s work and labor. Our public events offer a wide range of food for the body, mind, and soul — to inspire, entertain, and inform.

Founder Sylvia Wong Lewis, aka, Aunt Cookie, is a storyteller through the lens of film, food, and gardening. Photo: Sylvia in center, with nieces Christina and Sahara. For more information send a note to: sylvia@auntyland.com