Real Aunties Day, March 8!

Hey Aunties! Get ready to dance! We are here for you!

Hola Tías, Estamos aqui para ustedes!

Real Aunties Day, #RealAuntiesDay, is observed on March 8 –  International Women’s Day, and throughout March in honor of Women’s History Month.

Stay tuned for our Auntyland Film Festival (AFF), and public events about food, gardens, dance, sports, theater, art, literature, and more!

We believe that it’s important for aunts to be recognized and feel cherished. Aunts hold a special place in our hearts, from everyday life stability, teaching family and community values, to rescuing us from traumas. Aunts represent fun, laughter, drama, love, joy, resilience, and incredible memories. Aunts deserve appreciation.

Question: How is our #RealAuntiesDay different and maybe better than other family holidays?

Answer: Flavor. We bring ‘realness.’ We go beyond genealogy, siblings, and pronouns! We’re about identity, kinship, and intersectional – race, gender, and age. We’re talking about dreaming up new food and conversations for body, mind, and soul. This holiday is personal, authentic, and ad-free.

Question: Is #RealAuntiesDay listed on national holiday registries?

Answer: Not yet. We are inventing and claiming our own registry. We are endorsed by local New York and national elected officials, thought leaders, businesses, community organizations, artists, and educators. We were surprised to learn that most ‘national holiday’ registries are not ‘official’ nor ‘government’ endorsed. Not one! Most of those national holidays registries out there are marketing strategies. You pay money. You get listed with a lot of pop-up irrelevant advertising. We’re different. We’re about realness.

Question: How you can help #RealAuntiesDay

Answer: By spreading the word through the grapevine and Googling “RealAuntiesDay,” you will lead a massive search activity online, create search trends, and organically and effectively publish our stories and awareness of #RealAuntiesDay and Auntyland’s stories and events.

For BIPOC communities & Allies

We understand the pivotal and traditional roles that aunts play in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities; that is why we center #RealAuntiesDay on diverse, global, Diasporan cultures, communities, traditions, and knowledge that aunts bring to shaping families and communities.

Our aunt’s holiday presents an opportunity to be intentional, multicultural, and multi-generational as we lift biological and chosen non-biological aunts — aunts who are alive and those who live with the Ancestors.

HOW TO OBSERVE #RealAuntiesDay on March 8

Some aunts teach us about winning and losing. In their honor, take your aunt to a ball game. Attend a game or other sports events. Play, teach, and coach sports and games. Be a good sport. #BecauseofAuntie

Do hashtags shout-outs on social media on March 8:  #HappyAuntiesDay #CallAuntie #TellAuntie #IloveBeingAuntie #AuntylandHappy,  #RealAuntiesDay, #ILoveMyAunties, #RealAunt, #OtherMother, #VigilanteAunty, #LiberatedAunties, #ForeverFamily, #Kinship, #ChosenFamily, #CelebrateAunties #StraightOuttaAuntyland #NotMyAuntie #ToAuntiewithLove

Any crazy aunts out there? Some aunts are doers and creators. Do arts and crafts. Be creative. Be different. Design something. Write a poem or letter. Choreograph a dance, sing a song, grow something, create performance art in honor of your aunts.

Food and Toasts – Many aunts feed us. Cook, call a chef or go to a restaurant to eat food that reminds you of your aunts. Toast the special times or life lessons that aunties taught you. 

Get political. Be an activist in your aunts’ honor. Make a difference. Run for public office and help a cause or campaign that help people, the environment, and Earth.

#MarchisAuntiesMonth: March is Women’s History Month, a perfect time to honor aunts. Learn about women’s history around the world. Learn family history. Understand how women’s lives are all connected. 

Know any drama queens? Aunts are not perfect. Some lie, steal and bring a lot of special drama. Find the good in your challenging aunt. Remind them that no matter what, they hold a special place in your life.

List their names – Make a list of all the aunts in your life, both related by blood and chosen community aunties. Then, share with your family and post on your social media.

Light a candle – And if they are no longer here to celebrate with you, light a candle, be mindful, and say a prayer.

Call, Text, Meet-up – Celebrate the day is by giving them a call or planning a meet-up. Regardless of where they may be in the world, it is a special day worth celebrating over a coffee or lunch date.

Honor your roots – Do genealogy. Search for great aunts and great-great aunts in your paternal and maternal family history, and learn about their lives. Teach the younger generation and community about ancestral aunts in the community and family.

Thank you – It is never too late to say thank you and remind our aunties of how thankful you feel to be or have been graced by their presence and existence.

Storytelling – Do a Storycorp oral history recording. Aunt stories lend nuance to your family narrative. Learning about their lives reveals surprising details about you and your family. Affirm aunt stories and record them to empower future generations.

Be an Event Sponsor or Partner

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Thank you!